Maintenance Programs

Are you too busy to worry about your hot tub? Are you a new hot tub owner? Chemical balancing frustrating?

Let our experts provide health and wellness for your family and friends, by taking care of the all-important regular water testing, and maintenance. By keeping the chemicals balanced you ensure the health of not only your tub and longevity of components, but also any lurking diseases that can grow in water and can cause rashes. Regular maintenance can also find issues before they become big problems saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Membership Packages to help take care of your hot tub

Basic Membership

Perfect for the user who still tests water weekly and has a low bather load of 2-3 soaks per week with a family of 4. We balance water with a water machine for onsite water testing, and wipe the scum line.

Elite Membership

For the busy hot tub owner, with a heavy bather load of 5-7 soaks per week for a family of 4. We balance water on site, check filters, jets, diverters, wipe scum line, automatic replenish of chemicals, plus 1 FREE service call per month.
$49.99 Per visit
$79.99 Per visit

Choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

**Please note- we suggest the owner still does periodic testing and keeps chemical dispenser topped up between visits. Filters must be cleaned by spa owner.