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Free shipping on all chemicals, parts and accessories on orders over $100

Maintenance Membership Program

  • Are you too busy to worry about your hot tub?
  • Are you a new hot tub owner?
  • Chemical balancing frustrating?

Let our experts take care of the all-important regular water testing, maintenance and cleaning that you need to keep your hot tub clean, and your water safe by providing health and wellness for you and your family and friends. Also, Let's catch possible issues before they become a bigger problem. Save you time, and money.

Service Packages

Get exclusive pr‚Äčicing on all chemicals, parts and accessories

Basic Maintenance Membership


10% off Chemicals and Accessories

Comprehensive water testing

Balance water with chemistry corrections as required to achieve safe water levels

Wipe down of any scum build up 

Monthly maintenance


Elite Maintenance Membership


20% Off Chemicals And Accessories

All Basic Services Plus;

Inspection on every visit on all user friendly equipment

One free service call every 6 months

Virtually maintenance free !

Bi weekly maintenance


Are looking for more frequent visits or maybe a more specialized program, Let us know. We will try our best to accommodate your needs. Click here