New and Refurbished Hot Tubs

Selling brand NEW Marquis Spas

Our approach to hot tub design is both elegant and practical. At Marquis, every decision we make revolves around the question, “How can we improve the user experience?” Whether the answer deals with therapeutic benefits, ergonomic details, ease of use, water care, aesthetics, noise level, installation, durability, reliability or affordability, our goal is the same. Namely, to deliver The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™

Whether your budget is small or large, Marquis offers a hot tub to suit everyone needs. We listen to your requests and find you the best fit. We offer a set it and forget it In-line sanitization system, upgrades to lighting, environments and even Patented MicroSilk Therapy for customers who have skin conditions or want that youthful rejuvenation without having to go to the spa.

Marquis is the first spa manufacturer to receive the top two awards from the National Spa and Pool Institute: the John Holcomb Silver Award for Technology and Innovation and the Eagle Award for Industry Leadership.

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Current available refurbished hot tubs below

Previously loved hot tubs restored and fully functional. When it comes to refurbishing a tub, we replace any components that are not working or looking really worn. We do our best to find pillows, filter covers and any other original accessories to really bring life back to the tub. All hot tubs are 240v unless specified.

Delivery available for all units, extra charges may apply. We also offer warranty, ask for details.

Beachcomber 380 -$5800

Year -2009
89x 89
Jets- 25
Cabinet-- No Maintenance
Cover- Yes

Coast Spa JEZ45 - $6000

Year -2010
80 x 80
Jets- 32
Cabinet- No Maintenance
Cover- Yes

Coast Spa - $5500

Year -2007
87 x 87
Seats- 5,
Jets- 45
Cabinet- No Maintenance
Cover- Yes

Coast WSP 40 $5600

Year -2008
80 x 80
Seats-5, 1 lounger
Jets- 32
Cabinet- Wood- painted
Cover- Yes

Beachcomber 720- $4000

Year -2002
71 x 89
Seats- 6
Jets- 22
Cabinet- Ceder- can be stained or painted
Cover- Yes

Manaco- $4200

Year -2000
87 x87
Jets- 23
Cabinet- Wood painted
Cover- Yes

Sundance Altima- $4100

Year -1999
86 x 80
Seats-4, 1 lounger
Jets- 45
Cabinet- Wood- painted grey
Cover- Yes